Caring for The Lake

Founded in 1964 by local lake property owners, the Elkhart Lake Improvement Association (ELIA) has grown to include village residents and businesses, all of whom have a stake in making sure we help Keep Elkhart Blue.

ELIA works hand in hand with area governmental and regulatory authorities with jurisdiction over the lake and the surrounding community as well as with lake property owners, potential private buyers, and real estate agents and developers. The aim of ELIA is to encourage ownership and use of the surrounding lake community in ways that will not result in changes to the beauty, tranquility, and quality of the lake.

ELIA works to actively manage and monitor lake conditions, including water clarity, water chemistry, and invasive species. ELIA also works to make Elkhart Lake a safe place for all forms of recreation – swimming, boating and fishing. Elkhart Lake is an amazing resource enjoyed by many, and ELIA strives to ensure that Elkhart Lake will remain safe, clean and beautiful for the next generation.