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Vertical Nets On Elkhart To Be Part of Statewide Cisco Research

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 A Wisconsin DNR Fisheries Research crew will be on Elkhart Lake next week using vertical gill nets to sample for cisco as part of a statewide status survey. Cisco are a species of whitefish that live in the deep cold areas of about 175 Wisconsin lakes, including Elkhart Lake.


clip_image003They are interested in Cisco because they play a key role in consuming zoo plankton, which are an important food for many small fish and which in turn can influence algae dynamics in lakes. Cisco are also a preferred prey for large walleye, musky, northern pike, and lake trout. They are delicious smoked and have small sport fisheries of their own in some lakes. Cisco require cold, well-oxygenated water, and are sensitive to poor water quality, so their presence indicates relatively good environmental conditions.

But we don’t know much about Cisco in most waters, including Elkhart Lake, which has never before been adequately surveyed for this species.  In part this is because Cisco inhabit mid-water areas in the middle of deep lakes and are hard to collect with most of our standard sampling gear.

Vertical gill nets, which are rectangular panels of fine-mesh nets that extend from the surface to the bottom out in the middle of the lake, are specially designed to catch Cisco and work quite well for them while not catching many other fish. What people will see out on the lake will be a gang of floating rollers to which the vertical gill nets are attached. Each gang is about 60-ft long and consists of five 12-ft long X 1-ft diameter orange foam rollers. The rollers are anchored to the bottom and well-marked with flags and lights.



Lake Treated on 6/11/13

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Below is a map of the Lake with the area treated highlighted in red stripes for Eurasian Milfoil.

Download (PDF, 106KB)


Cleaning Your Boat Free of Eurasian Milfoil

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What does this sign mean for me?

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As we proceed through May, the water is being carefully watched for the best time for the DNR approved chemical treatment of the invasive species in the Lake. All properties that are directly adjacent to water when treatments will be applied will be posted with the below placards.

What does this mean for the Lake?

This sign means the treatment has been applied to the Lake.  The goal of this it to effectively remove invasive species in the Lake, while preserving the native species and not introducing any health risks to the environment around the Lake including the people on the Lake.

We understand the concerns around what chemicals are being used. Below is a link to a independent review by Purdue University on the use of herbicides to treat aquatic invasive species. This review does not advocate for or against the use of chemicals but simply presents the fact around how they impact other plants, animals, and humans.

Purdue Univ Study – Flash (may take several seconds to load)

Purdue Univ Study – Slide Transcript

What does this means for you?

If there is no placard on your property you should be able to enjoy the Lake as you normally do.  If you see the placard, follow the guidelines. The time frames outlined err on the conservative side, but they do so in name of safety. Please note that if you have planters/plants near the lake that you use lake water to water, you may want to wait the full three weeks, as most are broad-leaf plants that could affect the plants health.

How can I find out more?

If you have any questions please contact Marine Biochemists at 888-558-5106. The are administering the application under the oversight of the DNR and will have the most complete knowledge of the methods, materials, and results of the application.



Lake Management Plan

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The Elkhart Lake Improvement Association and Keep Elkhart Blue is supporting a new Lake Management plan and permit for chemical control of aquatic plants. As well as being full viewable on this page below are links to this plan and permit with supporting documents.

Click Here to download the 2013 Elkhart Lake Management Plan for Invasive Species

Click Here to download the Chemical Aquatic Plant Control Permit Application

Click Here to download the DNR Worksheet for Large Scale Chemical Aquatic Plan Treatment

Download (PDF, 7.75MB)

Download (PDF, 438KB)

Download (PDF, 494KB)


Raise Your Voice for AIS Control

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Let your legislator know you support the Wisconsin Lakes AIS Control Initiative.
The Governor released his proposed state budget for 2013-15, and it contains no new funding or programs to control aquatic invasive species. But don’t worry, our AIS Control Proposal is still very much alive!
We’ve been talking to many legislators about the comprehensive proposal we released last fall, developed in conjunction with DNR and other stakeholders across the state. We are encouraged legislators seem to understand the importance of combating these invaders and the threat they pose to our waters.
But we need your help to tip the scale.You will play a crucial part in whether any of the AIS Control Initiative ultimately makes it into the budget. By the simple act of writing, e-mailing, or calling your legislator, you can tip the scale and make some or all of these ideas a reality.
As the Governor and legislators continue work on the next state budget, we ask them to prioritize this natural resource issue. It is one that we can all agree on, and we are certain that solutions can be devised that we can all get behind. If you agree, please contact your legislator and the Governor and let them know you support Wisconsin Lakes’ AIS Control Initiative.

Positively Perfect Pier Planner

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Recently the DNR released new information on piers, docks, everything shoreline. Download the complete PDF here or go to our pier page for more information. All piers placed in the water by April 2012 are grandfathered so only new piers are affected by these regulations.

Summer Fun Done Right

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As we approach the middle of the summer it is important to think about how the activities we enjoy in Elkhart impact the lake. There are many easy, small things that we can do as residents, seasonal residents, and visitors to keep the lake in pristine condition and full of native species for generations to come.

If you are improving your property, think about the impact your changes will have on your environment before you start. If you are landscaping, use native species. Even removing a small log on the shoreline might deprive a fish of its home. Think and ask first, then act. If you have questions, the DNR is more than willing to answer your questions and inquiries (1-888-WDNRINFO, 7 days a week, 7 a.m.-10 p.m).

If you are a visitor to the Lake, take an extra minute to check out your boat and trailer for any plants or animals attached to either from your last trip. Invasive species introduced to the Lake can have devastating effects, and the Elkhart you return to next year may be very different because of the invasive species you brought.

Whether you are visitor or resident, think safety on the Lake; we all want to have fun and careless accidents bring the fun to a quick halt. Enjoy the Lake and the people on it, but let’s all make sure it is preserved for future generations.

Elkhart Lake

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At 118 feet deep and 286 acres, Elkhart Lake is home to residents, a vacation and recreation spot to visitors, and much more to the people of Sheboygan County and beyond. Keep Elkhart Blue is a conservation effort on the part of the Elkhart Lake Improvement Association to preserve the lake as a special place for current and future generations to enjoy the natural beauty within, on, and around the lake. The lake is open to the public with a boat landing located on CTH P just south of CTH JP. There is also a public beach called Fireman’s Park, typically open Memorial Day through Labor Day.

[google-map-v3 width=”350″ height=”350″ zoom=”14″ maptype=”roadmap” mapalign=”center” directionhint=”false” language=”default” poweredby=”false” maptypecontrol=“true” pancontrol=”true” zoomcontrol=”true” scalecontrol=”true” streetviewcontrol=”true” scrollwheelcontrol=”false” draggable=”true” tiltfourtyfive=”false” addmarkermashupbubble=”false” addmarkermashupbubble=”false” addmarkerlist=”43.8250° N, 88.0223° W{}1-default.png” bubbleautopan=”true” showbike=”false” showtraffic=”false” showpanoramio=”true”]